Saturday 17th April, ground preparation day

We are rapidly approaching the start of the new season, which so far looks to be starting on time and without too much Covid hindrance! As ever there are a number of jobs and tasks at the ground which need to be completed to get the clubhouse and the ground ready for business on the 23rd April; first outdoor net session/practice game.

Richie Parker has requested that any volunteers willing to spend a half day at the ground in assisting him and Joe to get the more cumbersome jobs done, would be more than most welcome!

His plan weather permitting of course is to start at 10:30 on Saturday 17th April. Bring some wellies down as the ground is still a bit soft in places, and Richie can allocate the tasks as required from sorting out the changing rooms to fitting the covers to the rollaway wicket cover frames.

Please let Richie know if you can make it down so he knows what jobs he can allocate that day ( Please remember we are a club and we need to do a bit now and again to help out, Richie can’t get the ground ready for the season on his own!