Pre-Season Tidy Up and Preparation

It’s that time of year again that we can thankfully look forward to longer and warmer evenings, hopefully plenty of cricket, and a clubhouse table creaking under the weight of one of Maxine’s teas! Richie Parker has already begun his sterling work with the preparation of the wicket, but there are other tasks which need … Read more

18th September – End of season ground tidy up

As the season is now drawing towards a close, the ground and clubhouse will need to be prepared for the off-season and coming winter, and naturally this will require additional hands to enable it to happen! Saturday 18th September from 1000 is when Richie Parker will need, and gratefully accept, any assistance, as it’s more … Read more

Saturday 17th April, ground preparation day

We are rapidly approaching the start of the new season, which so far looks to be starting on time and without too much Covid hindrance! As ever there are a number of jobs and tasks at the ground which need to be completed to get the clubhouse and the ground ready for business on the … Read more